Welcome to the Gilcoru Kennels Website

 Jan and Gordon Rual established Gilcoru Boarding Kennel & Cattery over 25 years ago.
They decided to move from their previous house as they had already accumulated 4 dogs and they felt their house was not big enough for them all
In their search for a bigger property they came across Waunlai Cottages, which they felt was idea for their needs.  Because of their love for animals they decided to open up a boarding kennels, cattery and clipping salon.

The boarding Kennels are situated in a beautiful country setting with fields on all side for their guests to have lovely walks.
The boarding kennels is split into four blocks, large breeds, small breeds, old age pensioners and puppies.
A brand new Cattery is being planned for late summer, please come back and check for availability.

Because of their love of dogs Gilcoru has always been more than willing to help dog and cat charities.  Rhondda Animal Aid, Rescue Racers and Briard Association Welfare, regularly use their facilities and their expertise with handling, frightened, antisocial and abused animals has been developed extensively over the years.
Gilcoru has now turned into a family business their son’s partner being involved in all aspects of the running of the business.